TAHOE 2015 | AUG 22-29

We are thrilled to return and present Primal Quest Expedition Lake Tahoe, August 22-29 2015
This exclusive kick off event is open to a limited to 40 coed teams of 4. 
Registration Date November 1, 2014. Registration Details

Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race is returning in 2015 after a 5+ year hiatus with a new conscientious approach combined with original motivations.  Lake Tahoe 2015, will echo the epic non-stop 400+ miles, over 7 days and is designed to reconnect participants with the spirit of endurance and adventure as we redefine a new, conscientious direction. The quest to challenge, enlighten and inspire adventure in celebratory fashion.

Idyllic Sierra Nevada scenery, non-stop multi-sport expedition and navigating while trekking, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, flat water paddling, down river paddling, ascending and rappelling, caving. 

Despite this being a revival, do not underestimate that this event remains physically challenging (and to some it will be a comparative challenge) and will require significant training and physical preparations to participate.

Of course a race of this nature could not take place without a crew of volunteers. Please check out the Volunteer Details and submit your information today!

• Non-profit stewardship for conserving & preserving the local environment
• Groundbreaking team coverage